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Marsha Lopez

Marsha Pamela López Calderon has been part of VDAY movement since 2001.

Working as a Executive Coordinator for NGO to fight AIDS in order to reduce Vertical Transmision.

roducing theather in Guatemala. ("Los Monologos de la Vagina" and ¿Brutas o Cabronas? both in order to erradicate violence against women and girls)

Since im a girl i suffer for my parents separation, after all i got married at 19 years old and surviving violence since 14. After all that ill iniciated to get professional help and broke out the silence, got out from that bad relationship with my mom´s, sister and brother support.

Autor for the Book MIA (Manteniendo una vida Intensa y Apasionada) releasing on August 2008, Leaving LIFE out to the limits, dreaming, exploring, beliving, loving, sharing, creating.

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