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Ciera Payton

Ciera Payton is a New Orleans native who attended New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Elenor McMain Senior High School . At NOCCA she studied Theatre for three years and graduated as a junior in high school. To further her training in Theatre she attended the North Carolina School of the Arts high school Drama program. There she received training in Dance, Singing, Acting, and Circus skills. It was there that she really decided to take the leap and pursue Acting as a career choice. She was accepted into NCSA's BFA Drama program, where she continues to receive rigorous training in Acting and performance. Ciera Payton has been a part of What Girls Know summer program since it began in New Orleans in 2003. She joined in with Brenda Currin as a junior in high and hasn't left since. In the program she helps to teach adolescent girls how to open themselves to the world and to their lives through Theatre and group ensemble work. She hopes to continue What Girls Know and make it a strong and positive program that can bring teenage girls together and inspire them to fulfill their dreams and goals in life. It is a heartfelt experience and she enjoys every bit of it! (Ciera co-starred with Steven Segal in an action movie filmed in Romania in the Spring 0f 2006. This coming May, she will be graduating from NCSA)

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