NEW! Just Out! A Cappella Arrangement for “Like a Woman” by Ryan Amador - V-Day
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NEW! Just Out! A Cappella Arrangement for “Like a Woman” by Ryan Amador

NEW! Just Out! A Cappella Arrangement for “Like a Woman” by Ryan Amador

For our 2020 season, we’ve released the a cappella arrangement of “Like A Woman”, by the Grammy award winning producer Ben Bram (Pentatonix). The song was first released as a single and accompanying music video in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019.

Download the arrangement, and learn more at

“‘Like A Woman’ invites men to actively recognize women in the face of the violence and systemic injustices they experience. In the [music] video, men (cisgender, transgender and those who hold fluid identities) challenge themselves and act in gratitude towards, uplift, and give due praise to the women who take on revolutionary and critical roles in their lives.” – Susan Celia Swan, Executive Director of V-Day

“Like A Woman” is now available to be performed by a cappella groups either on its own (at your annual jams, concerts etc.) or in conjunction with your local V-Day (The Vagina MonologuesA Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer, and/or Raise the Vibration) and/or One Billion Rising event.

Get creative with adding this new piece into your event. Have someone introduce the song, host a discussion panel to look at the ways that men can actively become a part of the movement and RISE in solidarity.

“Two years ago, inspired by my involvement with V-Day and amidst the horror of our political shift, I wrote ‘Like a Woman’ to proclaim, from a man’s voice, my devotion to womankind. The song is a call to men to actively celebrate women and stand up against those who restrict women’s rights and/or perpetuate patriarchal abuse around the world. I am so happy to partner with One Billion Rising to bring this message far and wide.” – Ryan Amador, singer/songwriter of “Like a Woman.” This release was part of V-Day’s 20th anniversary initiative to create disruptive art pieces that inspire people to RISE.

What better way to raise the vibration in 2020 by bringing this to your community than performing it with fellow activists using the power of song to uplift women and stand up against perpetuators of patriarchal abuse?

Learn more about “Like A Woman,” listen to the song, and watch the music video at:
To download the four-part arrangement, CLICK HERE.


RISE in your community, for your community.

V-Day: Say It, Stage It – Produce a V-Day Benefit of “The Vagina Monologues” or “A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, or a Prayer” as an Artistic Uprising at your college/university, in your community

One Billion RISING: Revolution 2020 – RISE in your community, for your community

City of Joy: Turning Pain to Power – Screen the Documentary, Support the Women in DR Congo

We feel the energy of rising up, of resistance, of bold artistic energy and creativity coming forward from V-Day and One Billion Rising activists across the globe. At the City of Joy in Congo, 1294 women survivors have graduated, and the documentary film also entitled CITY OF JOY is available on Netflix, bringing a vast global audience their message of Turning Pain to Power.