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Enter the Dismantle Patriarchy Contest to address how patriarchy impacts your life, your community, the world. How might we dismantle – take apart, break into pieces, deconstruct – patriarchy? What would it take? How would YOU do it?

Be as creative as possible!

Patriarchy [ pey-tree-ahr-kee ]:

Patriarchy is a system of power whereby masculinity and men are marked as inherently more worthy than femininity and women. This puts men on top, giving them more access to power, resources, and even knowledge. It tells women that they deserve less: less money, less freedom, less strength. And it erases people who don’t ascribe to traditional gender roles, too often with violence.

Patriarchy results in things like the gender pay gap, rape culture, and even climate change. In the end, patriarchy hurts everyone by forcing people to pick between their full humanity (which includes “feminine” qualities like empathy and “masculine” qualities like assertiveness ) and access to a host of privileges.

Think about how the concept of gender and gender roles shape our lives. How do they impact you and your peers, your family? What does patriarchy mean to youth today? How does patriarchy affect transgender people and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence? If you view gender differently than you’ve previously been taught to see it, how do you think your worldview will change? What does that mean for the future and our world? Who does patriarchy prioritize? What would a non-patriarchal world look like for traditionally marginalized and excluded folks?

Tell Us. How would you Dismantle Patriarchy?

Bring your creative voice to this contest! Tell us, in whatever creative method reflects your project, and you just might win an award for your idea. Submissions can be in the form of essay, poetry, music, art, photography, film, etc.

Experiment. Think outside the box.

Break down patriarchy and show us what a post-patriarchal world looks like.

Articulate your vision using all the creative tools at your disposal.

VISIT the DismantlePatriarchy website for entry form, info & more.