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When you donate to V-Day, 90 cents of every dollar you give goes to ending violence against all women and girls. At, you can make a one time or recurring donation to V-Day.

V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence), girls and the Earth. V-Day operates as a “virtual organization” so that we keep administrative costs low. V-Day’s small staff works in regions throughout the U.S. and around the world to empower local networks and volunteers to raise awareness and funds to end the violence. V (formerly known as Eve Ensler), V-Day’s founder and artistic director, volunteers her time, creative energy and vision, and together with our worldwide group of dedicated organizers has raised over $120 million and educated millions about the issues of violence against women and girls. V-Day has crafted international educational, media and PSA campaigns; reopened shelters; and funded over 13,000 community-based anti-violence programs, as well as safe houses in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Kenya.

V-Day is a California 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax ID number: 94-3389430 

Your donations in the US are fully tax-deductible. Please be as generous as you can to support this work. You make V-World possible!

Payments by check may be sent to:


4104 24th Street, #4515

San Francisco, CA 94114


Make checks payable to “V-Day.”

Please include your name and address with all contributions. Please include the card number and expiration date for credit card donations.

V-Day also offers the unique opportunity to donate to V-Day Campaigns that focus on specific groups of women and girls, including:


Donate to the City of Joy, a revolutionary leadership center in the DR Congo that is:

  • Healing women survivors, providing them with leadership development, educational and income-generating opportunities.
  • Raising awareness about the level of gender violence in the DRC.
  • Advocating for change on local, provincial, national and international levels.
  • Providing support to activists in the DRC and around the globe who are working to end the atrocities and change perceptions about gender and sexual violence.
  • Supporting the V-World Farm, a sustainable farm based on 338 hectares of lush land producing variety of crops and livestock to the City of Joy and the surrounding community.


The two V-Day Safe Houses for the Girls in Kenya in the towns of Narok and Sakutiek – were established for young women and girls fleeing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early childhood marriage. Led by Agnes Pareyio, an internationally recognized leader, they provide a safe haven for girls escaping from FGM and early marriage – a place where young women can safely celebrate an alternative “rite of passage,” enabling Masai women to follow their tradition without undergoing the cut.

Agnes was named the United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year (2005) and she is the founder of the Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative. Her grassroots work with families, young girls, cultural leaders, and politicians in Kenya is actively reducing the rates of girls who undergo the cut. As a survivor of FGM, Agnes has dedicated her life providing safe alternative rites of passage into womanhood for Kenyan girls.