Solidarity Projects - V-Day
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Solidarity Projects

V-Day identifies targeted, burgeoning grassroots movements within the movement to end violence against all women, girls and the Earth, and supports them politically and financially so they may expand and deepen their leadership capacity and train others to become leaders. V-Day’s team acts as mentors (when requested) and rapid response support to growing activist leaders.

Rising Artist grants provide support to artists whose work transforms culture. The Rising Fund helps to build the capacity of our partners, while also creating a network of frontline leaders. V-Day also supports anti-violence leaders and projects (such as safe houses) through its grants program.

Through a series of Rising Artists grants, we provide support to artists whose work transforms culture

Celia Xakriaba

Rosa Clemente

Shabnam Hashmi

Dana Levinson

Aja Monet (In August, Aja joined our team as Artistic Creative Director, Voices Campaign)

Kevin Powell

Staceyann Chin

Climbing PoeTree

Drew Dixon

Asali DeVan Eccelesiastes


The Rising Fund provides support to projects, organizations and individuals whose work in creating art and social change is urgent and immediate. Recipients of Rising Fund support focus on shifting patriarchy and changing the paradigm of the issue of violence against women, non-binary people, girls, and the Earth.

2020 grantees included the following:

African American Policy Forum | Alianza Nacional De Campesinas | Black Women’s Blueprint | Galvanize USA | Instituto Makapary | KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) | La Posada Providencia | The Laura Flanders Show | Malaika | Mission for Migrant Workers | Popular Education And Action Center | Roleplay | She the People | The Futurist/Rada Boric | US LGBTQ+ Women’s Research And Organizing Initiative | V-Day Safe House For The Girls: Tasaru Ntomonok Initiative | The Young Center


V-Day made a series of Solidarity grants to Grassroots organizations and activists doing frontline work.

Grantees included:

Angry Tias and Abuelas of the Rio Grande Valley | Ashé Cultural Arts Center | Nikki Benitez | Black Love Convergence | Casa del Migrantes | City of Knowledge | Clifton House | Connect | Gabriela | Girls Rock Pine Ridge | Jagori | La Mujer Obrera | Isabel Lapidas | The Marsha P. Johnson Institute | Carla Milarch | Peace Over Violence | Pooja Prema | SafeBAE | Andrea James and The Transphobia Project | Voice of Witness | Celia Xakriabá