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Afghan Women Speak: Stories from Inside Afghanistan

Afghan Women SpeakAs we RISE for freedom around the world, we launch V-Day’s newest blog series: Afghan Women Speak, Stories from Inside Afghanistan. The blog will amplify the stories and voices of Afghan women who can never be silenced as they share the reality of their lives on the ground. It is part of our ongoing RISING for and with the women of Afghanistan as we seek out ways we can directly help, and, as always, place emphasis on the fact that local women best know what their communities need.

Every day, the rights of millions of women in Afghanistan continue to be violated, stripped and threatened. Women currently have lost access to education, jobs, and multiple other freedoms, such as traveling without a male chaperone and utilizing public spaces like parks and gyms.

We believe the women of Afghanistan have the right to education, to travel, to freedom of movement, to jobs, to security, just having freedom to be able to breathe and be.

More stories are coming in from Afghanistan. We cannot underestimate the power of our solidarity at this moment. Please help raise awareness, share them widely with your friends and social networks.

We RISE with you, our Afghan sisters.

SUPPORT Afghan women and their families, DONATE to the Simeen Mobile Health Team today.


Sania Speaks: A Young Woman on the Ground in Afghanistan Tells the Truth of Life Under Taliban Rule

Aug 15, 2023 4 Min read
Soon after the Taliban took power in 2021, they banned high school for girls. We already knew then, that sooner or later they will close universities as well, because naturally there will be no high school graduates to join the universities. And this is exactly what happened. The Taliban officially banned girls and women from attending universities and from working in national and international NGOs. In a matter of seconds, we lost everything we had worked for our entire lives.

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We vehemently reject being governed by fundamentalists whose hands are stained with blood

Aug 15, 2023 3 Min read
By Fatima (an Afghan girl in Kabul) Part of our Blog Series AFGHAN WOMEN SPEAK: STORIES FROM INSIDE AFGHANISTAN Two years have elapsed since the Taliban regained power through a regrettable peace agreement brokered between the US special representative, Zalmay Khalilzad, and the Taliban. This agreement handed over the fate and destiny of our people to an ignorant and misogynistic force. It obliterated the progress and achievements our nation had painstakingly built over the past two decades. With a single stroke of a pen, we were catapulted centuries backward. Ever since, a nation haunted by

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“We will die of hunger if he does not work”

May 2, 2023 4 Min read
I am an Afghan woman and my name is Dina (not real name). I would like to share with you a small part of Afghan families’ sorrow under the Taliban. I was walking on the street when I noticed a little boy around 10 years old cleaning cars. He was very dirty, tired, sad and hopeless. I went up close and started a conversation. I asked, “What are you doing on the streets during school hours? You should be in school, at least it is open for boys. And why do you look so tired?”

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To learn more about our past and ongoing work with women in Afghanistan, visit our archive of stories, campaigns and actions: