Honor Essential Workers: Watch V’s latest theatrical offering on Wednesday, Support the Corona Emergency Fund - V-Day
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Honor Essential Workers: Watch V’s latest theatrical offering on Wednesday, Support the Corona Emergency Fund

Honor Essential Workers: Watch V’s latest theatrical offering on Wednesday, Support the Corona Emergency Fund


Over the past two months, V (formerly Eve Ensler) has been listening to the stories and experiences of frontline nurses. With the help of Alixa Garcia, Morley, James Lecesne, and National Nurses United, V presents THAT KINDNESS, From and For the Nurses of America, a new theatrical offering in support of California Nurses Association and nurses everywhere.

The performance will feature your favorite actors depicting nurses’ struggles and triumphs during the pandemic. This evening will honor, celebrate and lift up the voice of the registered nurse.

Featuring: Ed Blunt, Connie Britton, Rosario Dawson, Stephanie Hsu, LaChanze, Liz Mikel, Rosie O’Donnell, Billy Porter, Dale Soules, Marisa Tomei, and Monique Wilson.

Please spread the word and join us online, Wednesday, 9 September at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT. RSVP HERE


This Labor Day, during a year of an unprecedented global pandemic and uprising for racial justice, we stand in solidarity with and honor all workers. The rapid spread of coronavirus across the globe has revealed what has always been a glaring truth for so many of the essential workers who are the backbone of our society: inequity.

As part of the fight for one fair wage, tipped service workers, such as servers, bartenders, delivery drivers, and more have started a series of monthly strikes, starting with New York and Chicago on August 31. Together with One Fair Wage, we introduced Elena the Essential Worker, whom we hope can stand on the shoulders of Rosie the Riveter to serve as a new face in the fight for economic, racial, and gender justice!

Photo Credit: One Fair Wage

This Labor Day, we write to ask for your support for these frontline workers. From the people who pick our food to the people who deliver our packages, it is the working class and poor who are most vulnerable to the virus and the economic disaster that Covid-19 has laid bare. So often these frontline workers are women. Many of them are activists, young leaders, and women who are part of our movement.

Workers and health care professionals in every country are on the front lines of the crisis, risking their lives to take care of other people, to keep food on the shelves, to deliver necessary services, and to heal those who are sick. For so many survivors, home is not a safe place. Advocates worldwide are providing shelter as well as posting information and resources online.

As the world faces the Covid-19 pandemic, activists, artists, survivors, and youth around the world are rising to help impacted communities, frontline workers, and survivors.

Your donation will give much needed assistance for essential women workers in these uncertain times.

DONATE to the Rising in the Time of Corona Emergency Fund