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Shared by Andrés Naime (OBR Mexico coordinator)

OBR Mexico 2021 (Un billón de pie – México) will rise amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic of COVID-19 but also the uncertainty of the solving of the rising numbers of violence against women that happened in the 2nd half of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

We will resume the momentum created by the gigantic events that took place in the country on March 8, 2020, which was created by the repeated power that is exercised, which discriminates and violates because women are not recognized in full equality, there are still stereotypes that they pigeonhole them, sexualize them and that their intellectual and political contributions are not recognized.

(Outdoor billboards campaign)

But first of all we will promote people staying home safely. Alerting of the hot line to denounce violence and human trafficking nation wide. We will continue to help grassroots, domestic workers and victims of any kind of violence through Artivism (as all the OBRs around the world do). We will continue the work with Domestic Workers’ fight for rights with the campaign “It’s not because you are nice people it’s our constitutional right to have equal pay and benefits”. Ongoing support with the campaign results of last year.

The pandemic thought us that we can still work for women rights and promote the non violencia via electronic media. And in some specific cases in the countryside places where the pandemic has not been detected we will work on helping building orchards, gardens and planting trees that will help the communities to sustain themselves until the virus or vaccination is available to everybody.

We have created a strong bond several associations that will help us spread the OBR vision through with the country; working side by side with National Network of Friendly cities of Children, the National System for the Integral Development of the Family & National Women Department.

This year goal is to empower all the grown women and girls through cultivating inner peace and  freedom so they can blossom into the garden that Mother Earth has given us to live in peace and harmony away from the exploration of others and fighting Climate Change through awareness and seminars that will be available to all. That includes, also, making the cover of the new song “We are rising” (Nos estamos levantando) to help reach all the corners of the hispanic world along with “Break the chain” (Rompiendo las cadenas).

Join us in our virtual events and if possible in the presencial ones so we can all can Raise the Vibration.

1.-On February 14th we will have an pnline Zoom press conference to launch “Break The Chain Online Challenge” with star judges. We will join forces with “HortaDIF” and “Inmujeres” to encourage the country to make their own video version of BTC and submit/post it before March 1st. The winner will be announced on an online event March 8th.

On this conference the National System for the Integral Development of the Family Naucalpan & National Women Department, will share the updates on the statistics of VAW that the country is having and will promote the Artivism Dance Challenge in all of their branches nation wide.

Also on that day we will launch a new video of BTC filmed on Mexico City’s most gorgeous park “La Mexicana” where along of the president of “Comision Unidos VS Trata”, Rosi Orozco, we will be promoting the use of face masks and social distancing. Helping us in this endeavor will be the CODHEM (Commission of Human Rights) promoting the safe distance/ online Challenge in their affiliates nation wide with the following posters:

2.-On February 15 we will participate on the “Caravan of traditional and alternative medicine” applied to farmers in person event at “Huerto Roma Verde”, which has become an important ally in Rising Gardens in homes and social help such as providing cloths to the most needed since it has been the coldest winter that Mexico has experience to date. In this event we will be promoting the healing properties of Moringa to Mexican and Latinex community – This will be thanks to the OBR Mexico collaboration with the number one Moringa products in USA: “La original Moringa El perico”

3.-On February 19th will host a Webinar (via ZOOM) with heads of the ECOFEMINISM Movement in Mexico. To be named “La visión feminista en México” presided by one of the youngest activism women in the city, Cassandra Gil. In this webinar we will talk deeply about the different ways of living feminism in Mexico, insofar as it is a discourse of rights. To make clear to all the attending that it is not the same to be a feminist activist from the academy with certain privileges than among the workers or with the indigenous women. Furthermore, it should be noted that some women’s unions that have very clear objectives and discourses of rights, such as the Zapatistas, do not consider themselves feminists. The plurality in any case is due to the fact that women live different situations of inequality and violence.

During this webinar we will premiere two videos. The first one with the song “Glitch” (sang by the acclaimed singer/activist Jannette Chao (and also who is going to be the first artist to record “Nos estamos levantando” to be premiered on the Zoom online Ceremony to announce the winner of the Challenge of BTC) and the second one with the song “Canción sin miedo” performed by Vivir Quintana making all the feminist uprising that took place in the country leading to the March 8th 2020 events.

4.-On February 25th we will host a in person workshop at Huerto Roma Verde named “Sowing a NEW MOON” where we will learn about how agriculture and harvests are affected by the zodiac signs and the phases of the moon). In this event we will be commemorating Chicomecoatl, the Aztec Goddess of agriculture.

5.- On March 8th we will have a brief appearance on the Online event of Retos Femeninos “El regreso” (from 2:00pm a 9:00pm) via VIMEO reaching 50,000 audience in the Spanish speaking world.


6.-Also on March 8th we will have the Online Wining Ceremony of the Dance Challenge of BTC and presenting the cover of “Nos estamos levantando” in the voice of Jannette Chao.