V25 Short Video Released #ThisIsV25 - V-Day
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V25 Short Video Released #ThisIsV25

V25 Short Video Released #ThisIsV25

Today V-Day, the global movement working to end violence against women, gender expansive people, girls and the planet, marks #V25, its twenty-fifth anniversary of activism, advocacy and organizing led by survivors, artists and activists around the world. The very first V-Day benefit of founder V (formerly Eve Ensler)’s play The Vagina Monologues took place 25 years ago today on 14 February 1998.

For 25 years, V-Day has worked at the intersection of arts and activism to shatter taboos, create space for women and the most marginalized, and initiate community-led culture and change.


V-Day has unleashed vast grassroots, anti-violence work on college campuses and in communities – visionary work that has been survivor-led and focused, all the while revealing the power of art and activism to change culture and systems. V-Day has inspired women, men and communities all over the world and raised collective consciousness about how violence and gender intersect. The Vagina Monologues and other artistic works curated by V-Day have been performed across the world by local activists, survivors and artists, raising over $120 million dollars for grassroots anti-violence groups, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and safe houses, shattering taboos and changing the way activists make change in their communities. V-Day’s campaigns include the City of Joy, a revolutionary center for women survivors of gender violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has graduated over 1900 women leaders; One Billion Rising, the largest mass action to demand an end to violence against women in history; and now, to kick off V25, Voices – an audioplay centered around the voices of Black women across the African Diaspora; and V’s new memoir, #Reckoning.

With gratitude to the activists around the world who Rise for V25, the filmmakers & photographers, our V-Day, One Billion Rising, City of Joy, & Voices teams. Deepest gratitude and V-love.

#ThisIsV25 – JOIN US: vday.org

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