RISE In 2024: Rise For Freedom, Be The New World - V-Day
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RISE In 2024: Rise For Freedom, Be The New World

RISE In 2024: Rise For Freedom, Be The New World


Rise for Freedom, Be the New World

As we write, One Billion Rising coordinators and activists and communities are planning hundreds of rising events, festivals and actions around the globe.

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They are escalating the call to #RiseForFreedom in response to the ongoing intensification of violence – rape, hate, exclusion, killing, discrimination, exploitation, abuse, wars, division, occupation and control. In response to the rapid rollback of rights to their bodies, minds and resources amidst the growing and unprecedented spread of fascism devastating our freedoms.

Rise For Freedom is defining and reclaiming what FREEDOM means within solidarity, democracy, safety, equality, dignity and justice, and in the context of death, war, loss, destruction and separation. It is Rising for peace, compassion, kindness, connection, community and care, and connecting our freedom to someone else’s lack of freedom.

It is…
Reviving unity
Exploring new ways of thinking
Widening the lens
Creating another story
Changing reality
Building another future

It is the EVOLUTION of love and BEING the new world.

As we Rise For Freedom in 2024, we call on the world to rise in solidarity and create, produce and stage Rising Freedom Festivals – festivals of art, dancing, healing, empowerment, community, connection, planting, touch, music, body, imagination, love, honoring the earth, interconnectedness.

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If we saw ourselves as artists, what would we imagine and design? What world would we see? What new language and expressions for freedom would we find? How do we create and envision deeper, bigger and bolder?

Rising Freedom Festivals are 1-2 days in length, including theatre, music, poetry, songs, painting, murals, workshops, massage, storytelling, oral histories, testimonies, drumming, planting, talks, connecting with nature, discussions, bodywork, rituals, ceremonies, circles, and more.

Visit our blog and read about the launch events that have already taken place, setting the stage for a wave of events taking place from now through the summer. Many events will take place on and around V-Day (14 February), International Women’s Day (8 March) and Earth Day (22 April).

We are in a state of war. A war against our bodies. Our minds. The Earth. Our FREEDOM now depends on our coming together in unity to IMAGINE it, CREATE it and RISE for it.

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