Every Day is Earth Day - V-Day
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Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day

On Earth Day and every day we RISE for Climate Justice & MotherEarth. We amplify the connections between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of the earth. The global climate crisis impacts communities around the world. Women and girls suffer the most in terms of long term loss of livelihood, forced migration, trafficking and other climate related conflicts. Indigenous populations everywhere have suffered gravely – displaced and forced to flee and relocate – making them the world’s first climate refugees.

This Earth Day, we renew our call for justice against the aggressive greed and global exploitation of nature and people that deepen the inequalities of wealth and power. We RISE for Mother Earth and for the restoration of dignity, integrity and respect towards the Earth and to all people of the world who have been violated by policies and programs that cause environmental degradation and plunder.

We RISE to address the devastating consequences of the ongoing vicious systems of patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and racism in the world today and the destructive battle for power fought over women’s bodies and the body of the earth. RISE to demand an end to violence against women, gender expansive people, girls and the planet. Visit onebillionrising.org.


V-World Farm is a sustainable farm based on 338 hectares of arable land in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It acts as a living classroom for the women at City of Joy. 23 City of Joy graduates are employed at and reside in two residential houses on V-World Farm. The land provides a bounty of crops that are consumed at the City of Joy, from carrots, cassava, and corn to tomatoes, soya, and bean crops. V-World Farm is more than just a physical location and sustainable community. It is seen as a metaphor for transformation, empowerment, environmental responsibility and Indigenous rights. There is a deep, long-term vision that begins with the women and the farm and continues with the reintegration of women into their communities – to the very land that was the site of their violations – empowered with their own healing and skills in permaculture and agricultural business practices.

Share widely, learn more and support women in Congo, visit cityofjoycongo.org and instagram.com/cityofjoycongo.