V-Day 2022 - V-Day
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V-Day 2022

Dear Activists,

Thank you for your interest in staging an event or campaign in your community to end violence against all women (cisgender and transgender), those who hold fluid identities, nonbinary people, girls and the planet.

Join us! TAKE ACTION, RISE. Our 2022 call is to connect both in a deeper, more purposeful, political, transformative and yet also empowering, hopeful way. And to make this coming year a truly radical, bold, fearless escalation of artistic risings. Please apply full Covid safety protocols for your event and community. Please apply full Covid safety protocols for your event and community.

READY TO RISE? Following are some ideas to get you started.

One Billion Rising 2022

PRODUCE AN ARTISTIC UPRISING IN YOUR COMMUNITY OR COLLEGE: RISE for the Bodies of All Women, Girls & the Earth: We call on the world to hold Artistic Risings for the bodies of all women and for the ‘ultimate body’- our earth. Using the body as your call. Using the body as your resistance. We call on the world to use ART. Dance. Visual art. Physical and immersive theatre. Film. Sculpture. Painting. Sports. Performances (Live and Recorded). Photography and digital art. And more.

To reclaim, express, defy, disrupt, unite, radicalize, awaken, revolutionise, and to create JOY, HOPE and TRANSFORMATION.

  • On SOCIAL MEDIA create content and images that empower the body, that get to know the body, that find a language of love, compassion and celebration of the body.
  • Through DANCE create spaces for intentional and sensual dancing, hold ecstatic dance events with no choreography, and use dance to reclaim life force, sensuality, sexuality, eros and wildness.
  • Through VISUAL ART, photos, images, digital art, painting, reimagine the body. Visualise what a body looks like that is free, that has agency, sovereignty, dignity and respect.
  • Create immersive, participatory THEATER that centres visceral, intuitive movement – no longer using our current stories of oppression and violence, but finding a physical experience that inhabits a world where the body is alive and free.
  • Connect the BODY and the EARTH through these artistic expressions by creating, holding, filming, capturing them inside NATURE, particularly in earth spaces you want to reclaim: the sea, mountains, rivers, forests, public parts. Use ritual, community and nature to explore the body of the earth and the body as nature. Set your art form outdoors, in the beauty, wildness and vastness of the earth – and use music, rhythm, chants, drumming, your hands and bodies to touch and celebrate the earth.

Change the narrative from the current to the future. Subvert our current paradigms and expectations of the body and the earth with art. Create revolutionary art that fires and awakens the senses. Root it in radical love, radical pleasure and radical compassion. Move love, connection, eros and joy. Demand a new language for this life. Rise for the sacredness of all women’s bodies. Create for the holy ground of Mother Earth. Reclaim freedom. Raise the vibration with ART. RISE. CREATE. RECLAIM. RISE FOR THE BODIES OF ALL WOMEN, GIRLS AND THE EARTH.

MAKE YOUR EVENT KNOWN TO THE WORLD, post it on our events page.

VIDEO CONTENT for your RISING: We have three created short films that make the connection between the exploitation of women’s bodies and the earth. V-Day and OBR Activists: These short films are a great addition to your program at your Rising events! ALso, SHARE them widely on social media, to spread the word about your event and the OBR 2022 call to action.

Raise the Vibration
“Raise the Vibration”
– featuring voiceover by actor/activist/V-Day Board member Thandie Newton and words by Tony award winning playwright / One Billion Rising and V-Day founder V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Directed by filmmaker Deborah Anderson (“My Revolution Lives In This Body”) and produced by One Billion Rising’s V, Monique Wilson and Susan Celia Swan. The short honors all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender-based violence). It is a call to honor women’s agency over their bodies and their right to be safe and free, a call to move our bodies so that the freedom and energy we shake loose becomes a new energy bringing in a new future. A call to see, cherish, nurture, respect and protect our Mother Earth as we are not separate from her. Her life is our life.

SHARE the video: OneBillionRising.org/RaiseTheVibration

We are Rising
“We Are Rising”
– composed and written by social justice artist Taina Asili, is a liberation song – in collaboration with One Billon Rising. We are honored that Taína has created this new anthem for One Billion Rising. It is a call to action, to dance, to RISE. The song celebrates our collective energy, creative resistance, and solidarity as we RISE against the tides of violence against all women, climate crisis, racism and corporate greed. Executive Produced by V, Susan Celia Swan & Monique Wilson for One Billion Rising. “Music has always been the heartbeat of our movements for liberation. With “We Are Rising” I offer women around the world a new anthem to help us tap into the energy, strength, courage and wisdom needed to usher in a new era of justice and healing.” – Taína Asili. Taína is a New York based Puerto Rican singer, filmmaker, and activist whose work honors the tradition of her ancestors and carries themes of hope and liberation, which surges into one soulful and defiant voice.

DOWNLOAD song (Spanish version)»

My Revolution is My Body
“My Revolution Lives In This Body”
– Created in commemoration of V20, the twentieth anniversary of V-Day and “The Vagina Monologues”, “My Revolution Lives In This Body” is a short film written by V (formerly known as Eve Ensler), performed by Rosario Dawson (V-Day Board Member) and directed and edited by filmmaker Deborah Anderson. The film was produced by Monique Wilson and Susan Celia Swan. 20 years ago the V-Day movement came into being when people everywhere dared to say the word vagina out loud, to speak their truth and own their sexuality. “My Revolution Lives In This Body” is a call to women and men around the world to awaken their visions, dreams, desires, to be emboldened, to demand them. The film – through Eve’s words and Rosario’s brilliant vocal performance, set to imagery and footage of women from around the world – is a call to revolution and a reminder of how our bodies are intricately connected to the world at large. The future of the planet, in essence, depends on each of us.

Watch the video here and share with your networks»

Dismantle Patriarchy

THE DISMANTLE PATRIARCHY CONTEST – Enter and Encourage others in your community to participate. Address how patriarchy impacts your life, your community, the world. How might we dismantle – take apart, break into pieces, deconstruct – patriarchy? What would it take? Tell Us. How would you Dismantle Patriarchy? Bring your creative voice to this contest! Tell us, in whatever creative method reflects your project, and you just might win an award for your idea. Submissions can be in the form of essay, poetry, music, art, photography, film, etc. Experiment. Think outside the box. Break down patriarchy and show us what a post-patriarchal world looks like. Articulate your vision using all the creative tools at your disposal. There will be winners at the high school and at the college level. For more information, visit dismantlepatriarchy.org. The contest will open for submissions in mid-December.*

*subject to change

Amplifying New Voices: we invite activists to create a RAISE THE VIBRATION event.

Create a vibration that is powerful, beautiful, compelling through music, chanting, dance, drumming, original monologues, and more. Since V-Day first began, many new and long-term activists have staged community-created artistic works reflecting the voices in their communities. If you would like to foreground new voices in the conversation around ending violence against women, we encourage you to do so by curating stories from your community and creating this new artistic evening, inviting local writers, activists and artists to participate.

One Billion Rising Raise the Vibration
A Raise The Vibration event be a presented as a benefit for a group or groups in your community who are doing anti-violence work at rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters, groups working with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women, with refugee women, and with women affected by climate catastrophe. Research and support groups on the front line in your community, serving survivors who have been traditionally marginalized or made vulnerable to violence due to current socio-political conditions.

To register your Raise The Vibration event, click here»

HOST A SCREENING/HOUSE PARTY OF CITY OF JOY: CITY OF JOY, the film, tells the story of the first class of women at City of Joy, a revolutionary leadership center for women survivors of gender violence, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and chronicles the process by which such a transformational place came to be, from its origins with the women survivors themselves, to the opening of the center’s doors.

CIty of Joy Congo
Whether you are new to City of Joy and V-Day or have been with us in the movement since its inception, know that you are joining a network of activists who will be viewing the film and hosting screenings and house parties around the world to celebrate the work of City of Joy, honoring the women leaders of the Congo and the 1649 women who have graduated from the City of Joy, joining together in a network of love and revolution, Turning Pain to Power.

Watch the Film, Host a House Party or Screening & Spread the Word»

LEARN more about City of Joy»

The Vagina Monologues
As of our announcement on 1 October 2020The Vagina Monologues took its bow, and has exited from the V-Day campaigns. The Vagina Monologues remains a play that can be licensed for a small fee (approximately $120 per performance).

If you wish to license it in the US, in English, you can do so by contacting Dramatists Play Service. If you wish to license The Vagina Monologues in the United Kingdom and Australia, please email george.laneasst (at) caa.com. If you wish to license it outside the US, UK, Australia, please email alexia (at) nyc-mcr.com.

When licensed, the play can be performed at any time during the year and aside from the licensing fee and your production costs, you can still use it as a tool to raise money.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at campaigns (at) vday.org.