Free Chrystul Kizer - V-Day
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Free Chrystul Kizer

Free Chrystul Kizer


Yet again, our criminal justice system is failing black women and girls.

Chrystul Kizer, a black teenager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is facing life in prison for defending herself against her abuser, Randall Volar, III, a 34-year-old white male.  When Chrystul was 17, Volar began sexually assaulting and trafficking her and made child pornography of her, as well as other girls.  Despite the fact that the local police was investigating  Volar for abusing other girls at the time of his death, Chrystul is currently facing the prospect of living the rest of her life behind bars.  She is being held on a million dollar bond.

As a movement of anti-violence activists we must support Chrystul and pressure the District Attorney on the case – Michael Graveley – to drop these charges. Chrystul acted in self-defense against a man who preyed on her. She is currently a 19-year-old teenager. Our justice system must not punish girls like Chrystul;   instead we must look at her situation holistically, and understand the institutional racism and inequity that underpins her experience and that of other black girls and women like her. Chrystul deserves the space and time to heal from her abuse.  She should not be punished for defending her life.

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