RISE 2020: Happy International Women’s Day - V-Day
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RISE 2020: Happy International Women’s Day

RISE 2020: Happy International Women’s Day

“International Women’s Day was initiated at the 1910 International Socialist Women’s conference to annually honor working women around the world. This day is to cherish, respect and honor the dignity of women workers – farmers, nurses, mothers, restaurant workers, factory workers, domestic workers, teachers, retail workers – and to demand one fair wage, equal pay for equal work, healthcare, and safety on the job free from harassment, poor working conditions and accidents. It’s a day to rise with our sisters in solidarity to make sure those who work the hardest are treated the most fairly.” – Eve Ensler

For #IWD2020, we RAISE THE VIBRATION through Action, Art, Connection, Imagination, and Love as One Billion Rising activists, activists & youth create V-Day benefits, One Billion Rising and Raise the Vibration creative resistance events across the planet.

Celebrate Women Rising Globally

One Billion Rising 2020: Together, we RISE to free all women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities) from sexual, physical, racial, economic, political, socio-cultural, ideological and climate crisis violence. RISE to end rape, battery, incest, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, sexual slavery and trafficking, child marriage, femicide, sexual, gender and reproductive oppression, and violence towards LGBTQIA+ communities. RISE to end capitalism, colonization, racism, imperialism, war and climate catastrophe.

RAISING THE VIBRATION through action, art, connection, imagination and love. This is what it looked like…

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