RISING with the Indian Farmers Movement; Join Freedom On The Wings Of Words Zoom Event TOMORROW - V-Day
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RISING with the Indian Farmers Movement; Join Freedom On The Wings Of Words Zoom Event TOMORROW

RISING with the Indian Farmers Movement; Join Freedom On The Wings Of Words Zoom Event TOMORROW

We RISE In Solidarity with the Indian Farmers Movement

As massive protests in solidarity with farmers take place in India, V-Day and OBR activists RISE and stand in solidarity with them. One Billion Rising India Global Coordinator Abha Bhaiya & Kavitha Krishnan drafted this “Message from Women’s Movement to Farmers” –

“Today women and men in the farmers’ struggle are standing shoulder to shoulder at the Delhi borders. This movement is a symbol in the history of India—a symbol of freedom, of voices, of ideas, of protests, of slogans, of resolutions. This is not just a farmers’ struggle; it is a joint campaign of all of us, of children, women and men. Each morsel that we eat is proof of your hard work.

The manner in which you are all standing fearlessly against the three draconian anti-farm laws and in the face of the government’s repressive policies, terrorizing attacks and the cruelty of those holding power is beyond comparison.

You have shown that the government cannot inflict policies and laws on farmers through force, water cannons and lathis. Indeed, it is the fundamental right of every citizen to oppose any policy that does not have the participation of women and men farmers.

Your struggle has filled the workers, farmers and common people of the country with a surge of hope. We stand with you in support and solidarity for the victory of your movement.

When we say ‘farmer’ we most often think of men who are farmers. But half the farmer population is made up of women farmers. It is our belief that women farmers are the pillar of farming traditions and agrarian economic autonomy. 85% of rural women work in agriculture, but women own only 12-15% of cultivable land…

The entire country will stand with farmers against the anti-farm laws. The women’s movement gives full support to the farmers’ movement and the demand for the repeal of the three anti-farm laws. We demand that talks are held with our farmer sisters and brothers unconditionally and without any pressure and all their just demands are met fully.

The entire women’s movement stands in solidarity with our brave farmer sisters and brothers in their struggle.”

The above is an excerpt, read the full message here.


Join us for a very special virtual evening featuring readings by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women who are participating in the Right/Write to Heal project.

FREEDOM ON THE WINGS OF WORDS sponsored by the Center for Justice at Columbia University, National Writers Union, and V-Day.

Tuesday, December 15 at 6:00PM ET
You can register for this online event here: bit.ly/freedom-wings-words

Right/Write to Heal builds on V-Day and the Center for Justice’s years of work seeking to humanize the unique individual and collective experiences of women – particularly women of color – who from early in their lives face racism, violence, and structural barriers that lead to punishment and imprisonment. Through this timely project, women will share how they cope with the consequences of incarceration on themselves, their families and communities, with the goal of changing how people understand the impact of criminalization on women.

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