More OBR Global launch posters and Video - V-Day
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More OBR Global launch posters and Video

More OBR Global launch posters and Video


December 14, 2020
Shared by Andres Naime (OBR Mexico coordinator)

Sowing NEW MOON!

On December 14th, OBR Mexico hosts a special Rising event to learn about the phases of the moon and its use in agriculture in renewable gardens and orchards. Thank you Huerto Rome Verde for your invaluable help to
Un Billón de Pie México/One Billion Rising V-DAY
2021 #Lifting Gardens #ElevatingTheVibration #CultivatingNOViolence towards women, girl and Mother Earth.

Farmers who still plant, through using lunar phases, get good yields in their harvest, and retain seeds for future sowing. This has allowed our farmers to live for generations in their territories, where they not only plant, but do agricultural work depending on lunar phases from a holistic perspective.

Mali Launch Video

OBR Cambodia launch:

OBR India

Rise With Yoga
December 20, 2020

OBR Cameroon Rising Gardens: