One Billion Rising Coordinators Share Their 2023 Launch Plans - V-Day
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One Billion Rising Coordinators Share Their 2023 Launch Plans

One Billion Rising Coordinators Share Their 2023 Launch Plans



3 November
OBR Japan launched OBR2023 at an event called “Let’s Walk Purple Road”. They walked Omotesando road in Shibuya Ward, dancing “Break the Chain”  to appeal for the prevention of gender-based violence.

13 November
At an event called “Stop Violence Against Women And Girls“at Ikebukuro Ike-sun Park, they held an in-person action for the enlightenment on gender equality through dialogue at the Farmer’s Market SDGs booth. They also made an announcement about the event on February 14th 2023.

4 December
Street performances will take place on “ Unconscious Patriarchy In Japanese Society” which so many Japanese women are not aware of yet. Through the performance, they will reveal the chains that bind women.
2 seminars will also take place:
A Workshop to think about what freedom means to  women in Japan, and a Symposium on Women’s freedom on Surname issues in Japan. Japan is the only country  that requires married couples to have the same surname.


20 November
Domestic and migrant workers, together with allies, will launch OBR 2023 by holding an in- person women’s festival on Chater Road, Hong Kong. They will create videos and photos on “freedom” to then release online on November 25th.  They will they continue releasing videos and photos from their launch from November 25 until December 10th (International Human Rights Day).


23 November
Artists Rising event: Artists and Activists will gather to film “Rise For Freedom” footage and videos – and will also take part in a Freedom photo shoot. These will be released on November 25. An Artists Rising video will be released on November 30th. Featured will be a diverse group of artists and activists from various sectors: urban poor, youth, migrants, peasant women, women workers, religious women, teachers, LGBTQI+, political prisoners, journalists.

25 November
Gabriela women and members of the OBR Philippine task force group will hold an in- person action/event continuing the launch of OBR 2023 and the start of 16 days of activism, on IDEVAW (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) Day. The event is called “I VOW TO FIGHT VAW: WOMEN IN THE WORLD OF WORK”. It will be a workshop forum jointly organized by Gabriela and KMU women (women workers union) – discussing the issues women face in labor – low salary/non-livaeable wage, contractualization and uncertainty of work, and discrimination and abuse in the workplace.


24 November
OBR Mexico will launch OBR 2023 with a press conference at the Senate. Then will release media on the 25th.


24 November
OBR 2023 launch at Hotel Sala in San Cristobal Mixco, with director and teachers from various schools of the city, led by OBR Guatemala dancers.

27 November
OBR 2023 will be launched at the Guatemala National Book Fair at Forum Madijas, once again with OBR dancing.


25 November
Holding moot courts in Himachal and other key cities. Moot courts with nearly 200 to 300 community representatives along with violence survivors, a street  play on the way a court functions based on the way a violence survivor experiences and a public question answer session.
There will be three judges to comment and suggest how the court can function to ensure judgment from a gendered perspective and without delay.

The follow up OBR action is a three- day campaign to stick posters and distribute leaflets to make the community and the village council members aware of silence around violence against women.

There will also be 2 actions on transgender women rights.


25 November
OBR Italy will be launching 3 campaigns during 16 days of activism that will also launch OBR 2023.

The first is a campaign with signs that they will spread on social media on the topic of women’s body freedom and land protection.

A second initiative – together with other realities – will be a form of name and shame against haters who hate women on the web.

Finally, they will support Italian female gymnasts who are reporting that they have been abused and bullied by their coaches (women!).


25 November
In November, OBR Congo will be launching with a radio broadcast program that COJ staff will produce – with the theme FREEDOM within the context of the theme “Stand Up For Freedom”. On November 25, they will officially launch OBR 2023 at V-Farm with the theme of “Freedom” and its corollaries as a common thread.


25 November
OBR Croatia 2023 will be launched on November 25 with a press conference  in the best city theater ZKM (and also where a wonderful V-Day event with  TVM (actors and women politicians reading  ‘vagina facts’ and women ‘dancing with a fire’ took place on March 82002). Speakers will include women activists, Vman actor and director. At the press gathering, OBR Croatia plans for January and February 2023 will be shared. Croatia has a long history  of  ‘producing’  and performing TVM as a part of VDay and OBR. They also crossed borders by performing the ‘V triangle’ performance of TVM – in Sarajevo-Zagreb-Belgrade. This history will also be shared at the press conference.


25 November
OBR 2023 launch During the 16 days of activism with two Empowering Self-defence workshops – “Rise for freedom”, street action followed by the song “Break the Chain”, “Women’s Graveyard” Performance in Niš on the topic of femicide, as well as other street actions in numerous other cities in Serbia.


30 November

  1. Women’s voices rising for freedom documentary – 30 November

A documentary collecting women’s voices from different sectors will be produced on the 30th November 2022.  The documentary will document what a system of government in Eswatini that women envision, which will accept women as equals to men and end the scourge of violence against All women; it will also document women’s voices on what freedom means and what the new culture will look like. Eswatini is in the midst of a political crisis.

They will also be Rising for a humane socio-economic environment for all – A collective protection of mother earth in all aspects of life as opposed to the aggressive accumulation of wealth, property and power at the detriment of mother earth and the most vulnerable in society. This will also be covered in the documentary.

  1. Media briefing on the 2023 call – 30 November

On the 30th November there will be a media briefing on the 2023 call. Different media houses and Key stakeholders will be invited.

A release of 2023 Eswatini art piece/ Poem on Rise for freedom on the 30 November 2022


30 November
Celebration of SGBV Awareness Creation;
Focus: SGBV  and Mental health, SGBV  and Sexual Health; SGBV  and Spread of HIV/AIDS and Child Abuse and Child Marriage.

6 December
In observance of the Montreal Massacre, we celebrate women survivors of violence in all its forms, Sexual, Physical, Emotional and Economic Violence, Harassment in the world of work – ILO Convention 190

10 December
Human Rights Day Commemoration
We celebrate the right to equality, equity, inclusion, and belonging for all human beings including the LGBTQI Communities.


10 December
The Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica movement will include the voices of LGBTQI+ who identify on the spectrum of non-binary and gender fluid  at the launch of the 10th year of OBR. For their Rising For Freedom focus, they are rising with Jamaican and Caribbean organizations on Wellness and Healing Justice: Prioritizing Emotional, Spiritual Land Freedom. We are Rising for Freedom of Mind, Body, Food, Water, Earth, and All Beings.

This type of freedom is what they are exploring and encouraging as women and girls find their way into emotional, spiritual, physical, earth justice.

They have already begun convening within Jamaica as well as regional collaborators based in Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Belize, St. Croix, and a few others who are very excited for next steps in the dream of freedom. Focus will be on how to access wellness and healing justice as a framework for deepening personal and collective liberation and curating supportive systems in already existing organizations.

Their online launch/rising will take place on December 10, 2022 from 11-2 pm on zoom.  This rising will highlight healing justice freedom voices from Jamaica and the Caribbean with song, poetry, music, movement, yoga, breathing, words of wisdom and dancing!


Date to be confirmed

Zimbabwe will do a short documentary with some of the iconic people who rose with Zimbabwe from 2012 . This will be launched virtually.


8 December (tentative)
OBR coordinators from 18 countries in Africa will gathering together for a virtual event to launch OBR 2023 as a region, highlighting what freedom means to them in Africa.

Africa Theme: “RISE FOR FREEDOM, Creating a new culture”

Africa will host a virtual launch where partners that we work with in the region will be invited.

A guest speaker will speak on ” what freedom for women means in Africa ”

They will be rising for the following:

Africa Theme: “RISE FOR FREEDOM, Creating a new culture”

  • Rising for the end of Democracy crisis in Africa
  • Rising against corruption
  • Rising against toxic cultural practices
  • Rising against Violence to all women and girls
  • Rising for mother earth
  • Rise for Mental Freedom
  • Rise for Financial Freedom
  • Rise for Freedom of Speech
  • Rise for freedom of choices
  • Rise Against imperialism