WATCH V & Kerry Washington Talk Solidarity & the Movement - V-Day
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WATCH V & Kerry Washington Talk Solidarity & the Movement

WATCH V & Kerry Washington Talk Solidarity & the Movement

V (formerly Eve Ensler) and V-Day Board member emeritus Kerry Washington Talk Solidarity & the Movement

“Solidarity is the Key to Everything” – V (formerly Eve Ensler)

In honor of V-Day’s 25th anniversary, actor/producer/activist and former V-Day Board member Kerry Washington and V (formerly Eve Ensler) talked about what solidarity means for them. This dynamic duo had an inspiring conversation about their past collaborations and friendship in the V-Day movement and what the future of activism will require from each of us. Watch their electric conversation here.

Kerry shared what she had learned from V and V Day’s work in building a world of belonging: “Even in accountability you can call people into awareness and invite people into the movement…with so much of that feminine goddess love as opposed to taking on the culture of the patriarchy and deciding that people don’t belong or are stupid or aren’t worthy of joining this movement for humanity.”

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