We RISE for Mother Earth; Activists RISE for Freedom in 99 Countries - V-Day
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We RISE for Mother Earth; Activists RISE for Freedom in 99 Countries

We RISE for Mother Earth; Activists RISE for Freedom in 99 Countries

We RISE for Mother Earth

On Earth Day and every day we RISE for Climate Justice & Mother Earth. We amplify the connections between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of the earth. The global climate crisis impacts communities around the world. Women and girls suffer the most in terms of long term loss of livelihood, forced migration, trafficking and other climate related conflicts. Indigenous populations everywhere have suffered gravely – displaced and forced to flee and relocate – making them the world’s first climate refugees.

This Earth Day, we renew our call for justice against the aggressive greed and global exploitation of nature and people that deepen the inequalities of wealth and power. We RISE for Mother Earth and for the restoration of dignity, integrity and respect towards the Earth and to all people of the world who have been violated by policies and programs that cause environmental degradation and plunder.

Rise for Freedom & to Create the New Culture. RISE to address the devastating consequences of the ongoing vicious systems of patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and racism in the world today and the destructive battle for power fought over women’s bodies and the body of the earth. RISE to demand an end to violence against women, gender expansive people, girls and the planet.

Activists RISE for Freedom & to Create the New Culture in 99 Countries

From February – 22 April (Earth Day), survivors, artists and activists in 99 countries across the globe are Rising for Freedom & to Create the New Culture. They are RISING to end violence against women and girls, and calling for a radical shift in consciousness to end the global epidemic of abuse that one in three women face worldwide.

2023 is a year of INSPIRATION and ASPIRATION. A year of storytelling, building communities, strengthening solidarity, sharing dreams, planting trees, creating art, honoring women and the earth, and of dancing. It is the year we will continue to ENVISION and CREATE new ways of being, seeing, living, loving and connecting. Of raising consciousness and deepening understanding. So that our freedom, our future, is rooted in truth, love, community, earth and body.

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