“Prima Facie” Sparks Dialogue: WATCH Activist Roundtable Moderated by V (formerly Eve Ensler) - V-Day
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“Prima Facie” Sparks Dialogue: WATCH Activist Roundtable Moderated by V (formerly Eve Ensler)

“Prima Facie” Sparks Dialogue: WATCH Activist Roundtable Moderated by V (formerly Eve Ensler)

New Play Prima Facie Sparks Dialogue
About Sexuality, Masculinity & Consent:

WATCH Activist Roundtable
Moderated by V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Prima Facie is the award-winning new play starring Jodie Comer, written by Suzie Miller and directed by Justin Martin, currently running on Broadway. The play follows a young female barrister and her experience of the law around sexual assault from both sides of the court.

Prima Facie producer James Bierman asked V (formerly Eve Ensler) to moderate a roundtable conversation with thinkers, leaders, and advocates to amplify the issues raised in the play: sexual assault and the rights of those violated, the devastating impact of our racist patriarchal systems of justice, and the issue of consent.

V hosted a panel of extraordinary activists and survivors including playwright Suzie Miller; Kenyora Parham, Executive Director of End Rape on Campus; Quentin Walcott, Executive Directer of Connect; Kavita Mehra, Executive Director of Sakhi for South Asian Women; and Soma Sara, founder of Everyone’s Invited.

Learn about the connection between the main character’s name and V, and ways in which these extraordinary activists are tackling the themes and issues raised in the play.

WATCH the panel discussion HERE

READ “Trump’s rape trial was triggering. But Carroll’s victory offered a glimmer of hope”, by V (formerly Eve Ensler) for The Guardian

“Since the beginning of the trial between E Jean Carroll and Donald Trump, I have been seriously triggered. I am not alone. I am hearing from women all across America and the world. Sleepless nights, unbearable anxiety, shortness of breath, unexplained rage, depression. Survivors have a kind of collective nervous system, a central body where our stories and trauma live in a timeless and interwoven continuum. When one of us goes on public trial, it is all of us on trial, our histories charged, our past memories made frighteningly present. We are what I would call ‘sister-triggered’… E Jean Carroll’s case against Donald Trump was a true victory, led by a brave, graceful, brilliant survivor of integrity and eloquence, tirelessly fought for by dedicated advocates and lawyers. Before we had time to celebrate, the triggers began.” READ the full piece here