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V-Day is a movement that has worked for decades in war zones in places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. We have been invited into regions that are typically ignored and made invisible to the western world, and – together with our sisters and survivors on the ground – have seen firsthand what war does to women and women’s bodies, what it does to men, what it does to communities regardless of race, religion or geography, and what it does to our collective humanity.

We know how rape and sexual assault is used as a weapon of war and we have always unequivocally condemned it wherever it has happened, whenever it has happened. And we do so now.

We want a feminism that will liberate Palestinian and Israeli women, a feminism with integrity, that is inclusive and committed to solidarity. A feminism that condemns racism, sexism, colonialism, war, occupation, apartheid, genocide, land theft, rape and sexual assault, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment, starvation, and the use of bombing and deadly agents such as white phosphorus.

As a movement that has been committed to these values, we will continue to remain steadfast in serving and supporting women and gender expansive people everywhere — especially those without platforms, resources, and access to media and power.

Join us in demanding a permanent ceasefire and a durable peace, one rooted in dignity, freedom and justice for all. This is the surest and most lasting way to protect the bodies and lives of all Israeli and Palestinian women – now and for future generations.


Signatories (Updated December 7, 2023)


Abha Bhaiya (OBR India) – Jagori Rural Trust
Afe Abeni (OBR Jamaica)
Afia Walking Tree (OBR Jamaica)
Aida Shibli (Palestine/ Portugal) – Tamera
Aja Monet (USA) – Voices/ V-Day
Alia Lahlou (Morocco/ USA) – Facilitator/ Activist
Alice Kachere (OBR Malawi)
Alixa García (Colombia/ USA) – Artist/Facilitator
Aminatou Saher (OBR Cameroon) – Muslim Women’s Association
Ana Dana Beros (Croatia) – Women to Women/ Architect
Ana Marija Soco (Croatia) – Status M
Andrés Naime (OBR Mexico)
Aprilija Luzar (Slovenia) – Taxi Art/ Artist
Armande Blakime (OBR Togo)
Bagcinile Hlatshwako (OBR Eswatini) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Bayan Shbib (Palestine) – V-Day artist
Dr. Sc Biljana Kasic (Croatia) – Center for Women’s Studies/ feminist and peace activist
Dr. Sc Branka Galic (Croatia) – University of Philosophy
Branka Stipic (Croatia) – Journalist
Cecilia Brenda (OBR Kenya)
Chikako Hama (OBR Japan)
Christine Schuler Deschryver (OBR Democratic Republic of Congo/ V-Day Congo) – City of Joy
Colani Hlatjwako (OBR Eswatini/ OBR Africa) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Danijela Dugandzic (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Association for Culture and Art CRVENA/ Artist
Dolores Balladaes (OBR Hong Kong) – United Filipinos in Hong Kong
Elem Pss (OBR Brazil) – Instituto Favela Da Paz
Fahima Hashim (OBR Sudan)
Igballe Rogova (Kosovo) – Kosovo Women’s Network
Iliriana Loxa Basha (Albania) – Bash Art
Isata Mahoi (OBR Sierra Leone)
Janke Striffler (OBR Portugal) – Tamera
Joms Salvador (OBR Philippines) – Gabriela National Alliance of Grassroots Women’s Organizations Philippines
Kakay Tolentino (OBR Philippines) – BAI Indigenous Women’s Network
Kamala Vasuki (OBR Sri Lanka) – Samarhai Feminists Collective
Karmen Ratkovic (Croatia) – Peace activist
Khosi Mkhabela (OBR Eswatini) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Khushi Kabir (OBR Bangladesh) – Sangat
Laurie Lynn Hogan (OBR Jamaica)
Lepa Mladenovic (Serbia) – Peace activist
Libakiso Matlho (OBR Lesotho)
Lucinda Evans (OBR South Africa) – Philisa Abafazi Bethu Women Centre
Luisa Rizzitelli (OBR Italy) – Assist Italia Women Athletes Association/ Rebel Network
Madeeha Waheed (OBR Pakistan)
Magda Zenon (Cyprus) – Peace activist
Magdalena Kozaric (Croatia) – Activist
Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal (V-Day India) – Artist
Maja Mamula (Croatia) – Zenska Soba/ Women’s Room
Maja Uzelac (Croatia) – Peace activist
Margherita Santicchia (OBR Italy)
Marissa Begonia (OBR United Kingdom) – The Voice of Domestic Workers UK
Massaran Traore (OBR Mali) – Alliance pour la Recherche et le Developpement Integre (ARDI)
Matcha Phorn-in (OBR Thailand) – Sangsan
Maureen Samulela Tresha (OBR Zambia)
Monique Wilson (Philippines) – V-Day/ OBR
Nadia Saah (US/ Palestine) – Project48
Naw Eunice (OBR Myanmar)
Nicoletta Billi (OBR Italy)
Nyasha Sengayi (OBR Zimbabwe)
Obeth Montes (OBR Philippines) – Gabriela National Alliance of Grassroots Women’s Organizations Philippine)
Ochgerel Tsedenbal (OBR Mongolia) – Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence Mongolia
Omodele Ibitoye Ejeh (OBR Nigeria)
Philisiwe Matsebula (OBR Eswatini) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Purva Panday Cullman (USA) – V-Day
Queen Mosarwe (OBR Botswana)
Rada Boric (OBR Croatia/ OBR Europe)
Rela Mazali (Israel) – Gun Free Kitchen Tables
Rita Aboghe (OBR Gabon)
Roshika Deo (OBR Fiji/ OBR Pacific)
Sally Sampson (Egypt) – V-Day/ OBR Artist
Sangeeta Nambiar (OBR Singapore)
Sanja Bachrach (Croatia) – Designer
Shantae Porteous (OBR Jamaica)
Sharon Cabusao (OBR Philippines) – Lila Pilipina Comfort Women
Sheila Tebia (OBR Hong Kong) – Gabriela HK
Sitakele Maseko (OBR Eswatini) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Suad Amiry (Palestine) – Writer
Susan Celia Swan (USA) – V-Day
Prof. Emer Svenka Savic (Serbia) – University of Philosophy/ Women’s Studies and Research
Tanya Anastasiadis (OBR United Kingdom)
Tatjana Nikolic (OBR Serbia) – Center for Girls
Thea Tadiar (OBR/ V-Day Philippines) – Artist
Triana Kurnia Wardani (OBR Indonesia) – Seruni National Grassroots Women’s Association Indonesia
Trinity Watkins (OBR Jamaica)
V (formerly Eve Ensler) (USA) – V-Day
Vesna Jankovic (Croatia) – Peace activist
Vesna Terselic (Croatia) – Documenta/ Peace activist
Vickenzie Ofei (OBR Ghana)
Yueh-Hao Wang (OBR Taiwan) – Garden of Hope/ Asian Network of Women’s Shelters
Zillah Eisenstein (USA) – Writer, Activist, Professor
Zodwa Zungela (OBR Eswatini) – Journey of Hope for Girls and Women in Eswatini
Zoya (Afghanistan) – OBR Counsel