Blog Updates: Check out the latest from ‘Dispatches from Beyond Incarceration’ and ‘Afghan Women Speak’ - V-Day
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Blog Updates: Check out the latest from ‘Dispatches from Beyond Incarceration’ and ‘Afghan Women Speak’

Blog Updates: Check out the latest from ‘Dispatches from Beyond Incarceration’ and ‘Afghan Women Speak’


V-Day’s Beyond Incarceration project continues to amplify the experiences of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. In her latest in the ‘Dispatches from Beyond Incarceration’ blog series, Roz Smith, V-Day’s Beyond Incarceration project manager, writes about her experience traveling to Nairobi for the Beyond Bars conference with the Right/Write to Heal Initiative, a joint project of the Columbia Center for Justice and V-Day.

Roz takes us inside the conference writing, “In the heart of Nairobi, from November 30th to December 1st, the Beyond the Bars conference became pivotal for advocates, changemakers, and organizations committed to justice reform across Africa. Right/Write to Heal, our group of eight women dedicated to empowering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women through creative writing, had the privilege of attending this groundbreaking event. The conference provided a platform for collaboration and shone a spotlight on extraordinary individuals.” Continue reading the full story, here.

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Every day, the rights of millions of women in Afghanistan continue to be violated, stripped and threatened. Women currently have lost access to education, jobs, and multiple other freedoms, such as traveling without a male chaperone and utilizing public spaces like parks and gyms. We believe the women of Afghanistan have the right to education, to travel, to freedom of movement, to jobs, to security, and just having freedom to be able to breathe and be.

As 2024 begins, our AFGHAN WOMEN SPEAK blog continues with stories from inside Afghanistan. Amplifying the stories and voices of Afghan women who can never be silenced as they share the reality of their lives on the ground. It is part of our ongoing RISING for and with the women of Afghanistan as we seek out ways we can directly help, and, as always, place emphasis on the fact that local women best know what their communities need.

Our two newest #AfghanWomenSpeak Blogs are out now – “The Taliban Prevented Me From Pursuing My Studies In Dubai” by Samia and “I Am Weary Of Life And Of Being A Young Woman” by Samina (not their real names). Samia writes about the impact of the Taliban on her studies, when she and her sister were banned from continuing them. Samina ran a gym in Herat and writes about life with her two teenage daughters then and now. More stories are coming in from inside Afghanistan. We cannot underestimate the power of our solidarity at this moment. Please help raise awareness, and share them widely with your friends and social networks.

We RISE with you, our Afghan sisters.

VISIT AFGHAN WOMEN SPEAK Blog series HERE, SUPPORT Afghan women and their families, DONATE to the Simeen Mobile Health Team today.

READY TO RISE IN 2024? Visit for the information, ideas and the latest news from OBR’s global coordinators and activists around the globe.