Our Sisters in Afghanistan RISE for Freedom - V-Day
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Our Sisters in Afghanistan RISE for Freedom

Our Sisters in Afghanistan RISE for Freedom

Our RAWA sisters in Afghanistan are Rising for Freedom amidst devastating conditions. We stand in awe of their voice, their bravery and their solidarity with activists rising across the globe.

Here is their statement that they have asked us to share with you:

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) participated in this year’s One Billion Rising for freedom. Throughout the week-long event, small gatherings, slogan writing, and other activities were held in our home-based classes, courses, centers, and homes in cities like Kabul, Mazar, and Herat.

During these events, discussions centered on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, particularly the challenges faced by women under the Taliban’s oppressive and extremist rule. The conversations also delved into the role of Western powers, notably the US, in fostering religious fundamentalism, which fueled decades of conflict and suffering in the region. Additionally, there was a focus on the shift in power from the corrupt Ghani Government to the Taliban criminals as their former servants.

Furthermore, the dialogue emphasized the historical struggle for women’s rights and the significance of standing in solidarity with movements like One Billion Rising to advocate for gender equality and empowerment.

Despite threats, arrests, killings, imprisonments, and torture of Afghan female activists, their resistance and rebellion against the Taliban show that our women will not remain silent. If schools are closed, Afghan girls’ pens and knowledge will be their weapons in the fight for their rights and democracy.

We, Afghan women, draw strength from the solidarity of our sisters around the world who are rising with us for freedom!

The Persian slogans’ translations:
I rise for the right of Education!
I rise against fundamentalism!
I rise for gender equality!
I rise against injustice and cruelty!
I rise against war and bloodshed!
I rise for democracy!


# # #

We RISE with you, our Afghan sisters.

Every day, the rights of millions of women in Afghanistan continue to be violated, stripped and threatened. Women currently have lost access to education, jobs, and multiple other freedoms, such as traveling without a male chaperone and utilizing public spaces like parks and gyms. We believe the women of Afghanistan have the right to education, to travel, to freedom of movement, to jobs, to security, just having freedom to be able to breathe and be.

We cannot underestimate the power of our solidarity at this moment.

Please help raise awareness, share them widely with your friends and social networks.

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