UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS! Rise in Solidarity with the Women of Gambia Against the Repeal of the Ban on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) - V-Day
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UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS! Rise in Solidarity with the Women of Gambia Against the Repeal of the Ban on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS! Rise in Solidarity with the Women of Gambia Against the Repeal of the Ban on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS! V-Day and One Billion Rising stand in solidarity with the women of Gambia and against the repeal of the ban on FGM (female genital mutilation).

Dr. Isatou Touray, former VP of Gambia & OBR Gambia Coordinator, is on the front lines of this grassroots work to ensure the rights of women and girls. See below her urgent statement and call to action.



Not upholding the law is a violation of the right of the girl-child. Associating FGM with Islam is blasphemy. The Quran never mentions FGM and there is no authentic Hadith that promotes it. All Hadith associated with FGM are weak (Daif). “The constitution talks of preserving our cultural rights but the cultural values that tends to debase your humanity should not be encouraged”. Culture is on continuum and not static and changes with time.

The Amendment Bill 2024 reflects the misogynist attitude towards over 50% of Gambia’s population. In this 21st century when progress should be accelerated we are seeing the emergence of subtle misogyny in The Gambia. Using religious arguments to promote a practice that is gruesome and deadly should not be encouraged.

The Legislation will be evidence of misogynist tendencies we are currently observing.
The Members of Parliaments (MPs) particularly the female Members of Parliaments and those among them who had been trained, supported or worked with GAMCOTRAP would be seen to have failed Gambian women if they vote not to uphold the law. It raises a fundamental question about the quality of women and men we take to the National Assembly. Thank you to Honorable Fatoumata Tuma Njie, the only female MP fighting to uphold the law.

The silence of the state and relevant ministries who should come out with clear statement to uphold the law is deafening. Issues of women’s rights should not be a matter to be discussed behind the scene. We have seen the effective engagement of CSOs/ NGOs whose role is to complement the government’s efforts in fulfilling its obligation to women and girls. The Gambia is a signatory to a number of conventions, Protocols and policies that promotes women’s rights. Among these are: The Maputo Protocol on women’s rights, CEDAW, ICPD Program of Action, GEAR etc. Yet today, we are seeing all the gains made over the years being compromised in a democratic dispensation where rights of vulnerable and powerless young girls should be preserved and guaranteed. We can observe silence from quarters that should be stoical in defending women’s rights. This law is to protect the Human Rights of women and girls. The state is the primary duty bearer and is under obligation to uphold laws and policies that protect the rights of women. Our expectation is to get the bill to repeal the law was going to be thrown out.

I call on MPs to uphold the law banning FGM , Gambian women are moving forward and must start thinking of choosing MPs who would put the interest of women in the center of their engagement.
The emergence of political Islam and religious fundamentalism in the Gambia is a concern.

GAMCOTRAP wish to appreciate the effective participation of the CSO/NGOs coming in numbers to fight for upholding the Anti-FGM Law. History will judge the Gambian Legislators who deliberated on this Bill.